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New Website to Launch!

informationtechnology February 26, 2012 0
New Website to Launch!
The OccupyAlbany ITwg Loves you!As of next weekend our new website (stage.occupyalbany.org) will replace the current site.  The address will still be www.occupyalbany.org.  Over the next week, we would like you to take the time to visit stage.occupyalbany.org and email us your thoughts.

In particular, we would like feedback on the “what we’re about” and “how to help” pages, as well as the Working Group pages.  Included below is the proposal:

IT PROPOSAL: Go live with a new web site in one week. 
  • A demo of the new web site was done.  See stage.occupyalbany.org.
    • The new site relies on member contributed content much more heavily
    • Images and media will be given a lot more prominence.
    • Working groups will have their own blogging pages.
    • The front page will aggregate blog posts from all of the working groups.
  • All concerns that were raised were taken as friendly amendments provided the individuals raising those concerns email them to it@occupyalbany.org.
  • Any and all feedback regarding the site should also be sent to it@occupyalbany.org

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