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Minutes for GA 11/9/13

facilitation November 10, 2013 1
Minutes for GA 11/9/13

Saturday GA Notes;           5 attending                                                   11/9/2013

Notes by dan plaat

-Post election discussion

Tom- Time to attract people for actions;  Bulletin Board is up and being tested.  Moderators wanted.

TTp actions; early weeks of Dec, the 3rd is a national day of action (post hoc; TTP is meeting is Salt Lake this week. Various other world cities over the next month or so.

Black Friday action at the Glenmont Wal-Mart 12pm

Doug- Vets of peace are marching in Vets Day parade Monday On central (and quail/Ontario)

            Dem Vote locked up for syroform vote. Talked about Dan McCoy as corrupt.

Dan- Talks about event idea to get groups to meet and talk to each other.  Reform fair; open progressive conference. Real bodies getting together. New and Old groups? To New; introduce concept of collaboration; beginning of a coalition on common issues (issues of 99%)

Good feelings about it; Final form is unsettled.  

Cap Reg Incarceration Mtg on the 12th at SJC Sun 2pm

Sis Annora- Report on the Race workshop- lectures under the idea of going into white communities to confront racism.  Use of books; ‘the creation of Whiteness’ and the like. Info was useful and enlightening to others; her opinion; don’t use abstractions like whiteness and use the Real racism and structures like from ‘New Jim Crow’ as better framing.

Discussion of general problems.    Messaging of how bad its getting and the need of public works.  

Dan- wants to bring forward a motion to move to SJC by next month. Tom just wants strategic planning; reminds Dan of plan to stay here for the winter and move when there’s more energy. Dan rescinds forgetting we settled on a timeline already.(writers note)

March of unemployed; slogan ‘if I were employed, I’d be a customer.”

Action Item- Blast Planning of economic march for next week; goal for this to be ahead of holiday season.

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