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General Assembly Minutes 3/3/12

joshred March 5, 2012 0
Facilitator: Josh Farina
Stack: Dan Kelly
Vibes: Geordie
Minutes Jeff

Environment Sustainability WG - 
  • Had a Rensallear action last week, there’s a hearing @ DEC to consider environmental justice area issues Monday 3/5 3:00pm public comment on proposed changes to citing powerplants and enviro justice rules, DEC’s info session is at 2:00pm
  • Go to Common council – Monday 3/5 @ 7 save the pine bush is going to advocate for proper funding, and the city don’t have all the data, so save the pine bush is advocating for them to get all of the info
  • Go to Common council – 3/19 public comment re: fracking
PStrat WG -
  • Meets Saturdays 1:00pm
  • Money out of politics – networking w/ other orgs: syracuse, rochester, OWS
    • Group meets Wednesdays at 7 pm
    • Creating a clean elections voting block (works as a way of bringing people in to Occupy)
    • Laying groundwork to be up and running for the spring
    • Other groups are trying to push through campaign finance, but it doesn’t go far enough
  • Subgroup creating candidate questionnaire
    •  include income inequality, taxation, human rights, enviro sustainability, jobs, healthcare, etc. to be filled out in ~30 min, providing for short answer,
    • meets Noon on Saturdays,
  • email politicalstrategies@occupyalbany.org
  • New Tax working group forming,
    • hoping to do an action on 4/15 – tax day
  • 3/9 8pm healthcare group – Michael Moore film Sicko followed by discussion
  • Planning on moving stage.occupyalbany.org to occupyalbany.org this weekend
  • -Email us with thoughts it@occupyalbany.org
  • -Check to make sure your working group is listed and the content is accurate
  • -Groups will be able to post to their blogs
  • Acquired a new server-trying to get it to work, there will be some hiccups
  • Internet in the space – Fine w/ 1 or 2, 3-4 makes it too slow
Other Business:
Susan Dubois: Capital District Area Labor Federation (regional level) – passed a resolution supporting Occupy albany passed unanimously
Dan Kelly: Anti-war group moved from today (Sat) to Sunday, anyone know what time it is?
Group: No we don’t
John Jay: Discussions of tactics, is there a community building meeting working group to get a discussion going?
Geordie: Radical Caucus is planning a meeting in 2 weeks on isms vs schisms, reform vs revolt (more in-reach)
Mark: There is a big meeting in NYC with a similar topic in two weeks, some might miss it
Mark: Monday 3/5 No GA, student ralley in the capital starting at 1pm

Vicki: Large donors across the country (including Ben and Jerry) are trying to raise $1.8M to support the occupy movement

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