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1st Friday Fundraiser, #Occupy FilmFest, NY STUDENT UPRISING

Daniel Micah March 1, 2012 0
1st Friday Fundraiser, #Occupy FilmFest, NY STUDENT UPRISING


1st Friday Fundraiser

5-9pm at Occupy HQ
472 Madison Avenue, Albany

We will be hosting our monthly 1st Friday event, this time as a fundraiser for individuals who have received legal fines resulting from participation in Occupy Albany activities.


#Occupy FilmFest

7-10pm at Sanctuary for Independent Media
3361 6th Avenue, Troy

Join us for an evening of compelling short film about the Occupy movement from independent filmmakers, followed by a discussion of the Occupy movement and role of radical media. Join regional filmmakers in a fascinating and provocative look at the role that independent media can play in struggle!

Suggested Donation $5-10

The program of short films will run approximately 80 minutes followed by a panel discussion with local and regional filmmakers including Bhawin Suchak, Ira McKinley & Messiah Rhodes.


The Weather Underground Meets Occupy Wall St.

7-9pm at Sanctuary for Independent Media
3361 6th Avenue, Troy

A book event and multi-generational dialog to celebrate U.S. political prisoner David Gilbert’s new memoir, “Love and Struggle.”

David Gilbert’s new book, “Love and Struggle: My Life in SDS, the Weather Underground, and Beyond,” sparks a multi-generational dialogue about what social justice movements can learn from each other. Currently serving a life sentence for his participation in an armed action with a group of Black revolutionaries, Gilbert writes about the lessons learned in fifty years of a radical political life. A panel of today’s young activists will talk with ’60s revolutionaries about their common struggles, grounded by critical exchange and self-reflection.


NY Student Uprising

1-7pm at the NYS Capitol Building

Join students and activists throughout the state for a mass action at the NYS Capitol to protest cuts to higher education, 30% tuition increases for SUNY & CUNY, and the privatization of our public universities. Details to be released shortly, visit www.nystudentsrising.org for more info.

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